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Ms. Williams created a series of wellness workshops and presentations entitled, “Humor and Health: A Therapist’s Perspective on Mirth and Motivation and the Effects on Wellness.”  Bearing in mind that music has incredible benefits to healing, Ms. Williams produced a compact disc, “The Gift of Sound and Its Effects on State Regulation.”  The disc devotes itself to the transformation of the Autonomic Nervous System through her vocal expressions and piano accompaniment by Robert Haigler.

Ms. Williams has written and performed her one-woman show entitled, “Before My Soul Ruptures: A Woman’s Sojourn” in Calgary, Canada.  She enacted the importance of healing, forgiveness and truth on her life path.  The vocal rendition of show tunes with piano accompaniment augmented the performance.

Recently, Ms. Williams presented a music-inspired play entitled, “Joy!”  Realization that the elusive state of joy can be reclaimed; Ms. Williams created a musical sojourn for the unfolding discovery of its indwelling existence in her life.

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