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"Not everyone is brave enough

to tell their story. 

Thank you for sharing yours..."     F.G.





Spiritual Eclectic

 Performance Artist


Often, I am directed by my intuitive/psychic guidance.  I take notice of those subtle hints, signs or symbols and create what I call clarifications.  The aspects of psychic awareness: clairsentience (clear-knowing), clairvoyance (clear-sight), clairaudience (clear-hearing) and clairgustance (clear-smelling) provide a basis of creativity for theme-based development, writing & performance onstage.   In addition, I draw upon my life experience and artistic endeavors to include music, dance, humor and story-telling with tenets of Shamanism, healing and therapeutic techniques.  My writings have augmented my process of introspection and self-discovery. 






Video:  "Chi-Town Pulse" - Doug Operzedek, Filmmaker

Sharon K. Jackson, Photographer

Keir Brisco, Photographer

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